UV lights in Richmond Hill, GA are a modern upgrade for homeowners and business owners who want to improve the air filtration systems. In our region, the hot summers and cool winters mean that HVAC systems get heavy use. Whether you are dealing with fungus coming in from outside, mold growth due to humidity, or bacterial development, our heating and cooling technicians at Galbreath Air can help you install ultraviolet light equipment to keep your air clean.

UV Lights in Richmond Hill, GA

Ultraviolet light for HVAC systems is composed of rays in the UV-C range. Most people hear regularly about UV-A and UV-B rays related to health warnings regarding protecting their skin and eyes. The UV-C range is a useful light type that can kill microorganisms within duct systems.

Proper installation is essential for these lights to work. Both air sterilization UV light systems and coil sterilization light systems are available. Your technician can help you choose the right one for your building.

UV Lights in Richmond Hill

Germicidal lights are labeled UVGi, and they can kill both viruses and bacterial growth within ducts. It is important that the installation be done by a certified technician because the lights have to be arranged properly. You may also need to take extra measures to reduce humidity and keep the temperature at a certain level in order to derive maximum benefit from the lights.

You should consult with a technician about how many lights you will need in order to get good results with your specific system. Because the germicidal effect depends on the light rays hitting the germs, it is recommended that you include a filter certified by HEPA in your system. If dust covers the germs inside the ducts, the light may not be able to kill them.

UV lights can significantly lower the spread of germs within your HVAC system by doing the following:
  • Continually cleaning air as it flows through
  • Nipping germ and viral growth in the bud before heavy-duty cleaning is required
  • Reducing moisture by eliminating the need for extra cleaners
  • Working on microorganisms that may not be reachable with regular cleaners

Many people wonder if the amount of electricity used in keeping UV-C lights on permanently will be more than they can budget for. You will want to assess this electric use with your installer. However, the average expenditure is approximately $50 per year, more or less. That’s a small price to pay for the protection to your health.

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Professional Ultraviolet Light Installation

Galbreath Air has provided over 40 years of quality service throughout the historic Richmond Hill area. We serve both homeowners and commercial clients, and our employees are known for exceptional courtesy, quality, and commitment. With approved credit, our company can arrange financing on the installation of a UV air purification system.

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