Most of us use our AC less and less as the end of summer unfolds and fall weather begins. It’s time to do some maintenance work on your cooling system before closing it up for the winter. An appointment with your trusted AC company can keep your equipment in top shape. You can also conduct some maintenance tasks on your own.

1. Replace the Filter

Cleaning or replacing your system’s air filter is something you should do regularly. Checking the filter every three months is a good rule to follow. You’ll want to do this more often if you have pets or you smoke. If you haven’t actually replaced the filter during the summer, now is the time to complete that task.

You can save money on filters by purchasing them in bulk at a local hardware or home store. Read your manufacturer’s manual to make sure you’re using the right type of filter for your model number.

2. Keep the Compressor Free of Debris

Summer weather can cause all kinds of debris buildup around an outdoor unit. Clear away any leaves, brush or grass that has grown up around or landed on or under the equipment. This allows for airflow to move easily over the unit. A leaf blower can make it easier to dislodge debris from around the equipment.

3. Visually Inspect the Compressor

A visual inspection can alert you to needed repairs and underscore the importance of seasonal maintenance. Take notice of frayed wiring, loose connections, rust and any worn-looking parts. Components that seem to be damaged or loose are also important to note.

Damage can happen during the normal lawn care routine. Mowers and weed trimmers can send rocks, wire and foliage into the unit. Look for refrigerant and water leaks in your indoor and outdoor equipment.

4. Remove Items Stored Around the Unit

It’s easy to leave other equipment or items near your AC system. Many people store things alongside their equipment in the basement or closet where it’s installed. Forgetting you’ve left items leaning against or right next to the equipment is common. Now is the time to remove them and unblock the airflow around the system. It’s a good idea to make regular checks throughout the summer. Include this task as part of your weekend cleanup routine.

You can take care of your air conditioning tune-up in Richmond Hill with one call to Galbreath Air. Our experienced technicians will get your service handled ASAP. We service all brands, makes and models of air conditioners. Once we finish the assignment, we’ll give you a complete report.

5. Clean Coils and Condensate Line

Over time, clogged lines and dirty coils can cause your AC to break down. A clogged condensate line will be evident by the standing water in the drain pan. Clean coils keep your unit running efficiently. If your unit struggles to keep your home at the right temperature, dirty coils could be part of the problem.

These two tasks are part of a professional tune-up, but they can also be done by a homeowner. If you’re comfortable doing this work, make sure the unit is turned off before beginning. So that you understand how to proceed safely, do your homework before attempting this cleaning process. The user manual will show you where these items are located.

6. Cover Outdoor Unit

Covering an outdoor unit will keep winter weather from damaging it. Air conditioners on the ground or a rooftop can be affected by cold air, snow, rain and wind. Covers can be found at most home stores. Plastic or water-resistant covers are a good choice. Make sure the cover is designed to keep pests and birds away while permitting any moisture to be released.

7. Check Ventilation and Ducting

End-of-season maintenance should include a visual inspection of the ducting system. Conduct a visual check to look for rips, holes and loose insulation. Take care of any damage as soon as you can. This may also be a good time for a professional duct cleaning.

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