At Galbreath Air, we help the families of Richmond Hill stay comfortable in every season. Our technicians are on call 24 hours a day to keep your home cool in an emergency. However, there are plenty of things that you can do to keep your system running at its best. Your air conditioner benefits when you match your efforts with our professional care.

Schedule an Annual Maintenance Appointment

The team at Galbreath Air knows that regular maintenance is essential for air conditioning systems in Georgia. We have a longer cooling season with warmer days than other parts of the country. The long warm season will reduce the efficiency of your system over time. Dust and pollen can cover the condenser coils, and vibrations will slowly loosen mechanical and electrical connections. At your tune-up appointment, our technicians will thoroughly examine the system and find any impending problems. When we are done, you can relax knowing that your system is prepared for the coming season.

Keep the Condenser Clean

Your home air conditioner has both indoor and outdoor components. The system works best when there is easy airflow. If your condenser is in a part of your yard that is less visible, you want to inspect it regularly. Weeds grow fast in the Georgia sun. Plant growth, lawn clippings, and dust will coat the outdoor equipment and block the flow of air. When you keep the area around your condenser clean, the whole system will function better.

Although Georgia has a longer cooling system, there are usually a few months when your air conditioner is not in use. Covering up the condenser with a tarp will protect it from the elements. You might also consider turning off the system and wrapping up the condenser as part of your hurricane protection protocol. If high winds are in the forecast, be sure to secure the tarp with bungee cords.

Keep It Running for the Whole Season

The temperature varies during a Georgia summer day. Some homeowners think they should turn off the equipment when the nights are cool. However, you will find that keeping your home at a constant temperature is more efficient than only turning on the system when things get warm. It takes less energy to hold the temperature than to bring it down from a higher level.

Replace the Air Filter

Maintaining the airflow inside your home is another important step in improving air conditioner efficiency. The filter for your home comfort system collects hair and dust to prevent them from coating your equipment. A filter can only last so long before it starts to block airflow. You can assume that you will need to change the filter once every three months. However, you should check it monthly. A shaggy dog or shedding cat may mean more frequent changes.

Close Off Unused Zones

Most modern homes have at least one temperature zone with a thermostat on each floor. A more complicated home comfort system may involve several zones. If you have thermostats in areas that are not in use, you can close off the zone and increase the thermostat setting. With a higher setting, it will not call for cool air as often.

If there are unused rooms in a zone, close the vents so that you are not cooling empty spaces. It will take less time for the occupied areas to reach the desired temperature.

Replace Your Air Conditioner

AC technology is constantly improving. If your system is more than 10 years old, a new, high-efficiency unit will cost less to run. Also, you will not have to worry about unexpected breakdowns and emergency repairs. While regular maintenance will improve your efficiency, the best strategy may be to think about replacement. Often, homeowners are shocked when they see the utility savings from their new equipment.

At Galbreath Air, we have helped hundreds of Richmond Hill residents install new cooling systems. Our team will assess your cooling needs and help you choose a system that will meet the requirements of your home. From there, we will handle the rest. Our experts will remove the old equipment and get the new system running as it should.

Your Home Comfort Partner

Galbreath Air is the cooling company Richmond Hill can rely on for AC installation, maintenance, and repair. We can also help you with heating, indoor air quality, and duct cleaning. If you are looking for year-round home comfort, contact Galbreath Air today.